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Dancer’s Job LICENCE

1-1 Dancer’s Job website (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Website’) is an Internet resource located at The purpose of the Website is the information search and overseas show business employment counselling. Users of the Website (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Users’) are show business job seekers and employers, and also other show business related individuals. 

1-2 Under this End User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Agreement’) the Website Administration is the domain owner of and the Dancer’s Job team. Inquiries, suggestions and claims of private and corporate persons to the Website Administration under this Agreement and all issues regarding the Website functioning, third parties rights and interests violations during its use may be sent to feedback 

1-3. The Website Administration provides no employment. It only provides its Users with the information search, counselling and possibility to publish data on the Website and use the Website Services. The Website Administration is not responsible for any actions of the Users and it gives notice that taking into consideration this field of activity, there is a risk of Labor Contract terms noncompliance and financial loss. 

1-4. The Website Administration strongly recommends its Users to sign a Labor Contract, where all terms of work and parties responsibilities will be listed in details, and also contact each other in advance before starting the cooperation. The Website and Website Administration will not act as a third party of such contract. 

General Terms 

2-1. This Agreement was concluded by the Website Administration to determine the Website Terms of Use and also its Users and Administration rights and responsibilities. This Agreement also applies to the relations connected to the third party rights and interests which may be affected as a result of actions by the Users of the Website. The Website can only be used under the terms of this Agreement. 

2-2. This Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the User and Website Administration, the subject of which is rendering of the Website Services to the User by the Website Administration. The User is obliged to agree and accept this Agreement before the signup to the Website. The User signup to the Website means a complete and irrevocable acceptance of this Agreement by the User. 

2-3. This Agreement can be changed and/or updated on unilateral basis by the Website Administration without any prior notice. This Agreement is a public document. The continuation of the Website use after changes and/or updates have been implemented means the User acceptance of such changes and/or updates. 

2-4. The User signup to the Website is free and requires an existing email address. The User of the Website is a private or legal person who has signed up to the Website according to the established by this Agreement procedure. 

2-5. During the signup the User is obliged to provide the Website Administration with an authentic and up-to-date personal data. The User is responsible for data authenticity, relevance and completeness during the signup and absence of claims to such data by third parties. 

2-6. If an individual provides an invalid signup data or the Website Administration has reasons to presume that signup data provided by an individual is invalid, incomplete, inaccurate, of a low quality, violates the terms of this Agreement or that an individual uses other people data, the Website Administration has the right to suspend or cancel the signup and deny the full access to all or certain functions of the Website and/or to delete the account. 

2-7. The User agrees not to disclose or transfer personal login and password to third parties, and also to make all possible efforts to keep personal login and password safe from third parties. The User is solely responsible for security of the personal password and all consequences which may result from its unauthorized and/or other use. The Website Administration is not responsible for the possible data loss or corruption which may take place due to the User violation of provisions described in this part of this Agreement. 

Personal data and User responsibilities 

3-1. By publishing personal data on the Website the User confirms his voluntary involvement. The User is solely responsible for any published or transferred to other Users data, and also for any interactions with other Users. 

3-2. User personal data on the Website is open to public and any other User may access it. The Website Administration is not responsible for the User personal data exploitation by third parties. 

3-3. While using the Website it is prohibited: 
    – To sign up as the User on behalf of or instead of another person (create a «false account») and mislead other Users by one’s false personality under the other signed up User login and password data. 
    – To corrupt personal data (including height, weight, age, work experience and other personal data), company data, occupation and terms of work 
    – To illegally upload, store, publish, distribute and access or in any other way use the intellectual property of the Users and third parties 
    – To use software and perform actions intended to cause the Website and its services or personal User accounts malfunction, send spam messages without the Users or Website Administration consent. Upload, store, publish, distribute and access or in any other way use viruses and other malware. 
    – To use automated scripts (programs) for the Website data collection and/or interaction with the Website and its Services 
    – To attempt gaining access to the other User login and password data by any means, including but not limited to fraudulent practice, breach of confidence, hacking. 
    – To carry out illegal collection and processing of User data. 
    – To gain or attempt gaining access to any Services other than through the Website interface provided by the Website Administration. 
    – To reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade and resell the Website Services. 
    – To publish commercial or political advertising outside of special Website sections established by the Website Administration (purchase of the Website paid Services is carried out according to the procedure determined by the Website Administration in the corresponding documents published on the Website). 
    – To publish any other information which according to the personal opinion of the Website Administration fails to meet the purpose of the Website, infringes the interests of other Users or for a different reason can be unsolicited for publishing on the Website. 

3-4. The User is obliged not to upload, store, publish, distribute and give access or in any other way use any information which is considered to be: 
    – misleading, corrupted or modified 
    – threatening, damaging, insulting, or the one denigrating the other Users or third parties honor, dignity or business reputation, infringing inviolability of private life and minors’ rights 
    – vulgar or inappropriate, containing explicit language, pornographic images and content 
    – containing violent scenes with humans or animals 
    – promoting means and ways of committing suicide, or any incitement to it 
    – propagating and/or inciting religious, racial, ethnical hatred, fascism or ideology of racial superiority, containing extremist materials 
    – propagating criminal activity, containing recommendations, manuals or instructions for criminal acts, propagating prostitution 
    – restricted, including but not limited to national security or commercial secretы, and also a private life of third parties 
    – promoting or describing the drug use attractiveness, recommendations, drug distribution or manufacturing recipes 
    – fraudulent and infringing on other individuals and legal entities rights and interests 

3-5. The Website Administration has the right to transfer the User data without one’s consent to the government authorities, including bodies of inquiry and investigation under their substantiated inquiry or the court order; to third parties under their motivated letter of inquiry in the cases of infringement or an alleged infringement of their rights, and also in other cases under the current legislation 

The Website Use 

4-1 The Website Use can only be carried out under this Agreement. The Website Administration is a lawful copyright holder with exclusive property and other appropriate rights, including but not limited to the rights for the Website software, graphics, design, photos, pictures, videos, articles and database. 

4-2. Any Information published on the Website by the User belongs to such User respectively. By publishing the Information on the Website the User confirms he has all necessary rights and powers for that and accepts the Information becoming public for all the Website Users. 

4-3. By publishing the Information on the Website (video, photo, personal data) the User gratuitously, unconditionally and irrevocably gives the Website Administration a non-exclusive right to use such Information, including but not limited to its presentation, copying, compilation, arrangement, re-organization, modification, editing, translation, publishing, distribution (either in part or in whole) in any lawful manner. 

4-4. The User is not authorized in any way to modify, copy, delete, save, download, distribute, transfer, sell, post or use the Information from the Website (except for the Information legally posted on the Website by the User) without the prior permission of the Website Administration and/ or relevant copyright holder or unless the Website Administration and/or copyright holder have explicitly agreed to the free use of the Information by any individual. 

4-5. The Website Administration reserves the right to change the Website interface, content, list of Services, modify or add active scripts, software and other features, any server applications at any time with or without a prior notice. 

4-6. The Website Administration attempts to provide the proper functioning of the Website 24/7, though it is not responsible for the Website breakdowns whatsoever. The Website Administration disclaims responsibility for unavailability, removal or loss of the Information published on the Website. The Website Administration is not responsible for the Website malfunctioning and operating delays, as well as the possible consequences of such malfunctioning and delays. 

4-7. The Website Administration is not responsible for the possible Information leak from the Website database for any reason, including the unauthorized actions of third parties. The Website Administration is not responsible for malware on the Website and possible consequences of the User computer virus or malware infection. The Website Administration delivers the Website to the User ‘as is’ without any additional guarantees. 

4-8. The Website Administration is not responsible for any damage, including the lost profit, moral or any other damage done to the User or third parties as a result of the Website use or functioning, and also in all other cases stipulated by this Agreement. 

4-9. URLs to any websites, contact details, products, services, commercial or non-commercial data published on the Website by the User or for publicity purposes is not an approval, recommendation or in the opposite way a judgment on behalf of the Website Administration. 

4-10. The User is obliged by his own efforts and expenses to settle all disputes and claims of third parties and comply with the orders and requirements of the authorities towards both the User and the Website Administration resulting from the Information publishing on the Website, and also to reimburse all losses and costs incurred by the Website Administration resulting from such claims. 

4-11. The User and Website Administration shall attempt to settle all disputes arising under this Agreement by means of negotiations. If it is found impossible to settle disputes by means of negotiations, they should be brought to the appropriate court of the Website Administration location. 

4-12 All registered licenses are subject to the Chinese version and the final interpretation of this website is owned by the Company.