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Who We Are ?

The company was formally established in early 2011 and registered the “Dancer’s Job” at the same time applied for a “business performance license” and other related license, became one of the few domestic and international performance qualification of the regular performing arts brokerage firms. Up to now for all kinds of performances to send artists more than five thousand people, is a business experienced senior cultural transmission and performance brokerage firms.
Our main business is for the international and domestic well-known tourist attractions resident input and output high-end performing arts personnel, and to undertake various large and small performances celebrations, parties, exhibitions, annual meetings and other cultural activities. In the “spread of culture, the achievements of glory,” a principle of service, to create the country and the world’s most outstanding strength of the most comprehensive performing arts team.

Of Performing Arts Resources

GoGo and strip

Show ballets


Street art



Singers & Musicians


Circus Genre



Extreme Sports


Business scope

Business scope is allowed by the official registration of the company
Performance management and brokerage For the international and domestic well-known tourist attractions in the field of input and output of high-end performing arts personnel, to undertake all kinds of performances celebrations, parties, exhibitions, annual meetings and other cultural activities
Performance planning, music production, dance director performance and training, models, drama screenwriter, martial arts performances, acrobatic performances, wedding celebration meeting planning, host and many other related art director.
Courses: etiquette, model, instrumental, dance, body, performance, art and so on.
Is committed to the initiation, advocacy, dissemination, enjoyment, touch the beauty of life, for all stages of the crowd art learning, appreciation, exchange platform.


Service show

The main service items of the company’s performance service
Input and output of international and domestic high-end performers to carry out various types of performances. Domestic and international performances, tourist attractions, theaters, bars in the field performances and other activities.
For all types of performances tailored to the special art planning director.
ommitted to different countries between the folk customs and cultural exchanges.
Provide relevant performance consultation and assist in the production of relevant documents and other.
Will be different countries and regions of the outstanding novel repertoire (tour), publicity, promotion.


Work time

The main formalities and time needed for the actors to come to China
Confirmation of site and actor data
Work site data handling
Post visa information and embassy visa
Ticket purchase and coming to China


Service Information

The main service content of our company
Need more artists and employers? We can post your ad information. More than 19,000 users and more than 2000 social networking sites VK. Thousands of people related to business guarantee to see your advertising information. After registering your member, your message appears at least on our website – the latest cast 3 days.
If you need to find an actor or work, please click on the search bar as needed to filter the information and check the details you searched for, check the information you have searched for. To find resources with relevant work experience, in order to more professional, private, personalized. After the selection, you can add this information to your shortlist by pressing the + function key in the upper left corner of the photo, So that you can view your favorite information at any time. We have designed a new feature that will help you check the actors or employer information on our website, such as the need to cooperate, will be in the query verification, the relevant information in a timely manner to you.
Unfortunately, in the entertainment world, there are many people trying to deceive or use others, completely forget the moral and ethical norms. The employer does not fulfill the conditions, do not pay wages, the passport as a threat; or artist performance and behavior is not standardized, not professional, or even do not have the actor qualification. We are firmly opposed to such behavior, we hope that as many people know these troubles and dangers! The loss of information on the site is to add more people to rational use of performing arts resources. For the timely detection of lost people, timely reporting, timely upload, timely exposure, will make the performing arts, performing arts market is more clean and clean. But also allows you to more secure and accurate and reasonable to find the entertainment you need.
If you have a good business experience, go to a lot of places, know how to work in many countries and how to avoid trouble, or you can tell someone else about your fun and what is the most important, insightful story in the entertainment industry jobs······ You are welcome to share your insights on our website. There will be more people who are about to start their journey to thank you. Your help will help them avoid your own problems. For friends who provide stories and articles, we will give members a month. Provide more than 3 stories and articles that will be able to use members for 3 months. If you can, add the picture to your story.
1 Employer’s data Before you go abroad, you will need to collect information about your future employer: actual and legal address, company name, document, license. Hiring passers and photographs of brokers or employers, as well as their contact information. Related information to your friends and family as an emergency contact. 2. Labor contract Many people are skeptical and insist that this article has no value. We agree that sometimes the contract does not affect the settlement of the dispute. But on the other hand it is better to protect the contents of all working terms and related working conditions. If you do not comply with the agreement, you can produce your contract, so that the employer according to the contract. Did not reach the conditions of the part, if you do not have a contract, it will be difficult to prove the authenticity of the appeal. The important thing is not the contract itself, it is important to carefully review the terms of the contract before signing, otherwise it may directly affect your work. If there are unreasonable terms, or would like to add some of the requirements, do not be afraid to ask your employer. Your contract should have a detailed description of all working conditions: working hours, lots of programs, rehearsals, and so on. Of course, this document should be signed and sealed; there should also be the name of the employer’s representative, who signed the contract.
If you are looking for actors, singers or musicians of employers and brokers, need to find relevant performing arts resources, you can directly select the existing talent on our website or create a job information which describes the specific needs of the talent, Working conditions and specified locations. Your information will provide an opportunity for many people looking for a job, which is visible to all users and the actor can contact you directly. Your information we will also be in the social network to promote, in order to allow more people to understand you.
We offer free information opportunities and exchange platforms for all actors and employers.
Easy to store your information and display: You can create multiple actors on our website (resume), and can be personal resume, pictures, video information posted in the resume which, so that your information display. If you do not need to re-upload your data by other employers if you need your resume, you can quickly and easily display your profile by sticking to the link on our website.
If your information (CV) is on your personal computer, no one can see it. But if you post on our website, it will be regularly visited by many employers on our website and they will see your information. This is an opportunity for you to increase your employment rate.
Our company has been set up for six years to participate in many performances, for this official website we have paid a lot of ideas and ideas, we are committed to helping more actors and performance venues to find a suitable site, in addition to the contract with us or show units, we have no way to bear the corresponding responsibility, if there have been related issues, we will help you in our possible range. Of course, we will initially examine the relevance of the credit and the authenticity of the information, but we can not be absolutely true, because the actors and employers may be deceptive.



All the answers to common questions can be found here.
Search function, is one of the core functions of our website, in the upper right corner of any web page you can see a red triangle, which shows a search picture, which searches for the function of the entrance, click on it you can enter Search function panel: 1, according to the time and text of the sort of screening; 2, according to different categories of screening (actors, work, lost people); 3, specific information screening. This powerful people can not be confident, can be done in accordance with the actor of any information to filter. According to the user’s artist selection filter content and press “search” you can get the appropriate information
The shortlisting feature is one of the other core features of our website. While browsing the actor (work) information, you can save the actor (work) message to the “shortlist” (located on the right side of the web menu) by clicking the red plus sign (+) in the upper left corner of the actor (work) Landing “option on the left side of the column) purpose, this function greatly facilitates the user information screening.
By searching and filtering the information, click into the finalists. In this section you can: print, download pdf format file, email send to save the purpose of the actor information.
By searching and filtering the information, click into the finalists. If the user wants to contact the actor as soon as possible or in order to avoid the relevant performance risk, you can pass the book well option to send employment information needs, get the message, the company staff will contact you as soon as possible and understand the specific intention of cooperation as soon as possible to help you contact, of course All this service will be paid for.
By clicking on the registration function hyperlink in the upper right corner of the website menu bar, the user can enter the registration page (please wait for the first landing time for local reasons). Please read and agree to the end user of this website before signing up to agree to the license, the user only need to enter, user name and e-mail address can be registered. By entering the above two information and then click the registration button, the site will automatically send a mail to the registered email address a message, including the registered user name and password (the password is randomly generated). Users can log in with this username and password.
Through the login button in the upper right corner of the page, registered users can log in by entering the user name and password. If you are not registered please register, forget the password please retrieve the password.
When the user forgets the password for some reason, please click to enter the login option, in the login option below the forgotten password option, click into your e-mail, your password will be sent to your mailbox.
Login to the user panel by clicking on the drop-down menu of the “Hi user name” in the upper right corner after login. Panel functions: add actors; add information; user information changes; and search. Has added actor basic information to show and modify; beeked show
Select the actor presentation information from the user panel or the Hi user in the upper right corner of the page. Click to enter the entry form, please choose whether to enter the actor, work, or a messenger, followed by a fixed form to fill in, in addition to the individual with asterisk * must fill in the other items can choose to enter the final submission of information. All information on this website is semi-manual upload, the user upload the information needs of the site administrator to confirm after the site can be displayed, if any problems, the site administrator will communicate with the user through e-mail, data modification. Finally upload and display.
First enter the user panel, in the right side of the user panel has been added actors, work or lost information, by clicking on the eye icon to view the information by clicking on the pencil work to modify, modify the need for review by the site administrator after the show The
After the user registration is successful, you can contact the website administrator to apply for certification. The certified actor can add a yellow V letter on the presentation letter to enhance the confidence of the information to enhance the success rate of the job. The information required for certification (this information will not be disclosed to third parties): 1, complete the addition of actor information. 2, hand-held passport-free body photos. Certified users will be able to be invited to download the company specific company app software, the software can consult the relevant issues, and can get a timely job notice.
After the user registration is successful, you can contact the website administrator to apply for a certified broker or company. The certified actor can add a blue-colored V-letter on the presentation letter to enhance the confidence of the information to enhance the success rate of the job. The information required for certification (this information will not be disclosed to third parties): 1, complete the work information. 2, the main contact hand-held passport-free body photos, 3, the company business license scanning, 4, signed a cooperation agreement. Certified users will be able to be invited by the company to download a dedicated company app software, the software can consult the relevant issues, and in time to get the new certified actor information.
For more information, please contact our website administrator for help information
Users who have downloaded and used the company’s dedicated contact software should upload relevant resumes, photos, and videos to the cloud of the company’s software and share it with the company’s cloud disk for use.